Deliver “ready-to-use” public buildings.


KTYP S.A. provides the construction of public buildings throughout the production chain, from land acquisition, licensing and design, to public procurement, project supervision and equipment. This is done either directly or through Public-Private Partnerships [PPPs] managed by KTYP S.A. or even bilateral contracts with local authorities.

KTYP S.A. was born from the merger of three existing construction state-owned corporations [see Profile] but our scope of work goes far beyond the competences of the former companies.

Main business activity for KTYP S.A. will still be constructing and equipping schools, hospitals, tribunals and penitentiaries since most needs in Greek public infrastructures arise upon these areas. Notwithstanding, KTYP’s mission includes construction, equipment and counseling for the creation of public buildings of any other area.