KTYP S.A. is an innovative state-owned company.

KTYP’s mission is to deliver the country’s public building infrastructures in Greece or abroad with the most beneficial financial terms.

KTYP’s vision is to provide innovative and novel sustainable public buildings.

KTYP’s role is to undertake and supervise the creation of public buildings throughout the production chain.

KTYP S.A. was created in November 2013 from the merger of three state-owned construction companies: DEPANOM S.A. [in charge of the construction and the equipment of hospitals], SBO/OSK S.A. [in charge of the construction and the equipment of educational facilities] as well as Themis Constructions S.A. [in charge of the construction and the equipment of courts of justice and correctional facilities]. The merger will be finalised in August 2015 when Themis Constructions S.A. will adhere to the new scheme.

The merger and the creation of a new company that would terminate the fragmentation of competences for the construction and equipment of public buildings' infrastructures between different actors, has been ordained by the current needs of the Greek society and economy. A new integrated approach for the creation of public infrastructures is needed to attain optimum results with the most beneficial financial terms.

Main sources of financing for the works of KTYP S.A. are Greece’s national budget and the national programme for investments. Also and very importantly, thanks to the nature and the quality of our works, we are often beneficiaries of loans from the European Investment Bank [EIB, www.eib.org] and our projects are eligible for co-financing of EU funding, such as from Structural Funds.

KTYP’s activities are overseen by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks [www.yme.gr]. Depending on the area to which every project belongs, other sectoral authorities are also consulted: for example for schools we collaborate with the Ministry of Education, for hospitals with the Ministry of Health, and so on.